EUATC membership

EUATC, or the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies, is an umbrella organisation of professional associations of translation companies in different European countries and is not exclusive to the EU.

EUATC promotes higher quality standards and better business practices and helps to develop translator training in Europe. EUATC also gives translation companies a unanimous voice.

EUATC strives towards the following:

  • Promoting higher quality standards and better business practices among its membership;

  • Expressing the clear and common positions of translation companies in their relations with government institutions and NGOs in Europe and elsewhere in the world;

  • Informing and advising purchasers of translation services on the advantages of using a translation company;

  • Helping to solve the common problems of the European translation sector;

  • Contributing to the expansion of a high-quality translation market in Europe;

  • Assisting the founding of national associations of translation companies across Europe;

  • Helping to promote translator training across Europe;

  • Promoting cooperation between freelance translators by supporting smooth processes and good professional relations;

  • Engaging in cooperation with related associations all around the world.

The Association of Estonian Translation Companies has been a member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies since 2004.

Management Board members

  • Inge Rätsep

    Inge Rätsep

    Interlex OÜ, juhatuse liige / member of the board

    Inge has been active in the field of translation since 1999. She is the owner and management board member of Interlex Translations. Inge studied Estonian language and literature at the University of Tartu, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in media and public relations. She initiated the founding of the Association of Estonian Translation Companies. In addition to the management board of ETBL, Inge has also been a member of the management board of EUATC (European Union Association of Translation Companies) since 2015. Throughout her career in the area of translation she has stood for the development of the Estonian translation market, written articles on translation in the media and appeared at conferences in Estonia and abroad.

  • Kristiina Püttsepp

    Kristiina Püttsepp

    Luisa Tõlkebüroo OÜ, juhatuse liige / member of the board

    Kristiina joined Luisa Translation Agency 23 years ago and is one of its managers and shareholders. Luisa was one of the founders of the Association of Estonian Translation Companies. This is the third time Kristiina has been a member of the association’s management board. She has also been involved in the running of the four conferences organised by the association. Kristiina is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tartu. Since 2016 she has dedicated herself to coach and supervisor studies at the International Coaching and Supervision Institute in Tallinn in addition to her work at Luisa.

  • Kerli Visso

    Kerli Visso


    Kerli is an Estonian philologist, but she has also studied economics and IT. Kerli has been active in translation/localization world for more than 10 years since she joined Tilde in 2007. Here, in addition to being a long-time project manager, she has also been engaged in sales and worked as an editor. In the past few years, Kerli has been a senior project manager which includes also helping and coaching other project managers, recruiting, and advising the managing director on issues of importance to the company.