Our conferences

Our conferences

The Association of Estonian Translation Companies has been organising translation conferences since 2013. 

The title of our 2017 conference was THE LIFE-CYCLE OF THE LSP

This conference covered the life-cycle of an LSP - from its birth, through its uncertain first steps and struggle for survival to the spreading of its wings, maturity and ultimate demise. The goal of the conference was to share stories and experiences rather than to teach or instruct.

Conference web page http://www.etbl.ee/about-the-conference/

See pictures from the conference here.


This conference focused on new developments in the translation industry and adapting to them, and the creation and maintenance of a team and communication. We focused on giving answers and managing people more skilfully.

Conference web page www.etbl.ee/conference2015

See pictures from the conference here.

The title of our 2014 conference was COOPERATION CONFERENCE.

The main aim of the conference was to enliven communication between the different players in the field of translation, to exchange experiences, and in doing so find good solutions to improve translation quality and the reputation of the service. The participants included translators, editors, representatives of translation companies and agencies, university students and teachers.

Conference web page www.etbl.ee/conference2014.

See pictures from the conference here.

In 2013, the language conference TRANSLATED REPUTATION was held.

The main topics – what we can all do on behalf of our language, the cornerstone on which our cultural and linguistic space, and our identity, rests. Translation-based society – how does translation solidify the reputation of my organisation? A good translation of a company’s representative materials conveys the reputation of the company and the country as a whole.

Management Board members

  • Kerli Visso

    Kerli Visso


    Kerli is an Estonian philologist, but she has also studied economics and IT. Kerli has been active in translation/localization world for more than 10 years since she joined Tilde in 2007. Here, in addition to being a long-time project manager, she has also been engaged in sales and worked as an editor. In the past few years, Kerli has been a senior project manager which includes also helping and coaching other project managers, recruiting, and advising the managing director on issues of importance to the company.

  • Reelika Jakubovski

    Reelika Jakubovski

    Luisa Tõlkebüroo, Juhatuse Liige / Member of the Management

    Reelika, who has a degree in Finnish and is soon to join the Estonian Chamber of Mentors, has been in the translation business since 1995. Like all four members of Luisa's management board she started out as a project manager, which served as an effective basis for getting to know the market more broadly. She is very good at maintaining relationships with clients, is a natural team leader and is very development-minded. She was also one of the founders of the Association of Estonian Translation Companies. Today she manages Luisa's Foreign Department and oversees internal development in the company, which of course involves ensuring a pleasant atmosphere throughout the agency.

  • Kadri Pultsin

    Kadri Pultsin

    Interlex OÜ, Vanemprojektijuht / Senior Project Manager

    Kadri has a Master’s degree in English language and literature from the University of Tartu. She first got involved in the translation industry during her university years when she started out as a freelance translator. In 2012 Kadri began working as a Project Manager at Grata translation agency and now she continues in the same field in Interlex. In addition to managing clients and translation projects, she is also responsible for the day-to-day operations and development of the company.