We have decided to discontinue cooperation with all Russian and Belarusian companies 

The core values of the translation industry in Estonia and around the world are cross-border cooperation, bringing different cultures and nations closer together, and communication through translation services. Our sector employs many people of different nationalities, we are open and innovative, and we always put people and international cooperation first.

It is precisely for this reason that we consider Russia's military aggression today, in 2022, against Ukraine, a free European country, to be totally unacceptable.
Over the years, the members of the Association of Estonian Translation Companies have enjoyed very good cooperation with both our Russian and Belarusian counterparts, but unfortunately this is a time when firm decisions of principle need to be made.

We have decided to discontinue cooperation with all Russian and Belarusian companies and subcontractors. On a human level, it has not been an easy decision to make, but difficult decisions have to be made in difficult times. We cannot support aggression and war by cooperating with the companies of the aggressor country.

At this difficult time, our thoughts are with all those who are suffering because of this unjust and inhumane war.

The Association of Estonian Translation Companies ( was founded in 2001. The members of the Association are A&A Lingua, Interlex Translations, Luisa Translation Agency, Technical Translation Centre, Tilde Estonia, Wiedemanni Translations, Dussan Sworn Translations, and Saag & Semevsky Keelestuudio.

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Management Board members

  • Inge Rätsep

    Inge Rätsep


  • Indrek Hallik

    Indrek Hallik


  • Svea-Elen Peters

    Svea-Elen Peters