The annual conference of the Association of Estonian Translation Companies
When: 19-20 October in Tallinn
Where: Tallinn, Estonia
Theme: The life cycle of the LSP

The conference will focus on the life cycle of the LSP

Like all creatures, the common European Translation Agency has a distinct and identifiable life cycle. Its evolution can be followed stage by stage - from the conjunction of factors resulting in its birth, through its uncertain first steps and struggle for survival to the spreading of its wings, maturity and ultimate demise. In and of itself this progression is not unusual, but certain features make the life cycle of the Translation Agency unique - and it is these features that we will be looking at in this year's programme.

The pre-conference day will focus on Baltic and regional cooperation

On the first day, there will be a Baltic roundtable and a short workshop. The aim of this meeting is to sit together with LSPs from all over the Baltic and neighbouring region, to discuss the market situation and future cooperation possibilities. We will focus on topics like the Baltic translation market and regional cooperation platforms.