Webinar: Translation business in the Baltic States

Translation business in the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Date: Wednesday, 13 December 2017
Time: 5 pm Paris, 4 pm London, 10 am NYC

The webinar will include a detailed overview of the Baltic translation market.
1) Key translation businesses, their size, teams, and focus
2) Estimate of the market size
3) Main business trends
4) Benchmarks in pricing, profitability, and technology
*TRANSLATION BUYERS* will be able to identify suppliers in the Baltic states.
*BALTIC COMPANIES* will be able to benchmark their technology, salaries, rates, and profitability
*FOREIGN COMPANIES* can evaluate the feasibility of installing an office in this region
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Data in the webinar is based on research conducted by translationrating.com and Estonian Association of Translation Companies (AETC) using fiscal data and a survey of companies in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. The presentation is an updated version of the content presented at translation conference "Lifecycle of an LSP" in Tallinn. 
Webinar cost: 20 euros
Duration: 45 minutes + questions
Presenter: Konstantin Dranch, language industry researcher (translationrating.com)
All participants will receive the slide deck with data.

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